conversations, in your head…

conversations, in your head…

aerial photo of crater lake
Photo by Adil Gökkaya on

the living scar
might you take a stroll
and walk with me a while
tell me your ills
tales of woe
broken wrecks
upon these bones
so let us stroll
down these miles
through winding paths
all the while
your soul’s despair
sitting on a bench
for contemplation
under the stars
for this map has been tread upon
landmarks marked in the charcoal drawn
paces met to trace a start
I’ll lend you an ear
and reveal all you’ve taught
so, let us talk

notes… nah, I don’t feel like it tonight, I think this one is self evident, besides I am on vacation this week… off to the poconos, local but oddly I have never stayed there just driven through…

music?  heavy, if you can handle it…. Scar Symmetry – Dreaming 24/7

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