a simple poem about the endemic unity of earth…

a simple poem about the endemic unity of earth…

planet earth close up photo
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

oh for one solemn wish
I pine for the days of pangea
one continent
one land
no language in the absence of man
no war to conquer
no death to divide
one continent
one land

notes… just something that came to me, all of the earth, well, that above the oceans was once just one land mass, so it seems division is natural… but yet unity was the original model… juxtaposition I say ! as we were all in the womb we all meet the grave, so keep that as a keepsake in your mind’s pocket, and like a locket look upon the wisdom as a reminder when you can… that perfect picture, a perfect unified land…

Music… rock out with a good message… Warrior Soul – Man Must Live As One

thoughts, likes, comments, spam, bot activity, russian dating site links…. are all appreciated, as well as your time for stopping by with those eyes, those peepers, so…. thanks people, without the lot of you I am letters on the wind.

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