a saturday night prayer (of sorts)…

a saturday night prayer (of sorts)…

beautiful beauty blur close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“a prayer for belief
so I might find
the strength I already possess
may you guide me
to that inner sanctum
that mountain pass
to my own tibet
to find that temple
already built
from your hands,
so I might feel refuge
in that reservoir
and walk out on to the other side
cleansed, and reborn
and in my palms carrying
let that spark rise
into burning fire
with endless light,
as I lay me down to sleep
let this belief
guide my dreams
in to this, closing night
so all these days, will open to me”

notes… I am considering adding my ‘prayer’ poems to my collections page, (I have updated it this week) I suppose I will, especially since I just floated the idea, and I love organizing things as if I have power over them, well, I do, at least in my little corner,

musicCellar Darling – Water (acoustic with amazing vocals, Anna Murphy rules… all)

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