lost. love. letters.

lost. love. letters.

back to my regularly scheduled programming… Thursdays are for the lachrymose, those moments when I reflect on her…

brown wooden dock over body of water
Photo by Vincent Albos on Pexels.com

“a slow pour,
in a bar in paradise
islamorada, florida
sitting on a stool
of course, by myself
top shelf
surprised they have basil’s,
a slow pour
some would describe this
a perfect sunset
light slides along the gulf
like all those postcards
I suppose I could just buy a bottle
and some pills
and end this right now
as there is something missing
in the midst of all this glory,
a slow pour –
the rattle of melting cubes
the sharp sting of bourbon
punctures my tongue
the view, massages like a familiar tune
the hum of gentle conversation I am not involved in,
a. slow. pour. …
the deck overlooks
overlaps the water
lapping the pylons
sips count the minutes
in locked distant beauty
in a bar, in paradise
on the water
I contemplate life –
without you”

notes… this is totally a mental picture for me, and my link to Islamorada above shows… even in the midst of what most would consider paradise…. I remain, on those warm nights, ocean breeze, wishing you were there next to me, I still have hope, down there, somewhere, for new love or the kindling of old (for her, I love you)…

and in the interest of being honest, I was disappointed that my last post got no love… maybe the way I tagged it ?  not sure.. but either way I stand by it with pride….

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