inspiration by the wild.

inspiration by the wild.

beautiful environment field flora
Photo by Mina-Marie Michell on

grown in your own soil
grown at your own pace
I wonder
how you chose, the colors
of your house
and your brothers, sisters there
all of the same house
entwined with your neighbors
burst forth
this short season
in the warming light
reach up
to the warming light”

music tonight ? OK, gonna be obvious, and simple, and I love this song due to the simplicity, I can imagine reading/writing to it… and maybe I did…

>>> Tom Petty – Wildflowers

all thanks, likes and musical suggestions are welcome, come on people, turn me on to some stuff I don’t know, I doubt you know someone with the musical pallet of me, electronic, death metal, classical, ambient.. and that’s just tuesday…  as always, thanks for looking…


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