what is done on the porch, stays on the porch (OK, not really…)

what is done on the porch, stays on the porch (OK, not really…)

shallow focus photography of yellow star lanterns
Photo by 嘉淇 徐 on Pexels.com

“dearest firefly,
so you have returned
I might call you a beacon
but know not who you signal
a lighthouse perhaps?
but we are miles from any shores
perhaps you are a flare
but I see no alarm
in any part of the land,
are you just a flash in the pantheon
of your winged kind
an oddity among your brethren
as you sway and dip and climb,
where have you been all this time?
only to return
in your love of the sweat humid nights
of summer,
I suppose you are a wiser being than I
for your pick of season
seems that of an inspired mind,
I do not know your purpose
or even your fate
my little floating lantern
you seem to exist for only beholder’s sake,
good night, my sweet darling of light.
also musing”

written on the porch tonight, side story, my town is mostly being re-populated by asians, chinese and indian, I don’t care, I actually find it interesting, so anyway, most are cold and walk by as if I am not there, journal in hand, barefoot walking on my lawn, but there is this one chinese family, the little girl (5-6 years old?) is in the “hello” phase, she says hello to pretty much everything, my car, the mailbox, me (multiple times), it infects her father to do the same, at least with humans like me, I can’t tell you how enlightening it is, how a child just breaks down all walls with a simple hello protocol, it makes me smile, regardless of how the day would like to grind me into a nub… is it weird to sit out in front of your house and observe ? I don’t know, I don’t care, it is what I do, especially lately, we are all passengers on this plane headed for the same destination anyway…

music : Minus the Bear – Electronic Rainbow (b-side) I love the pace and immediacy…

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