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Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

I post unfinished work(s) from time to time, I call them my orphans, sometimes you need to fess up to who you are, I am imminently bad at going back and finishing works, they either finish in the moment… or I abandon them, so here are some of those (just dumping them off on a Saturday night), my hope is someone finds some value in them and maybe inspires them to do something, the underlying inspiration was there… but something else caught my eye and they are just…

photo of gray concrete road in the middle of jungle during daylight
Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

1.28.19 “an ode”
oh clear blue sky
not even a cloud in sight
there is nothing to contain
just breathe the even still

2.26.19 (meditation)
like a technicolor jellyfish
spinning and shimmering, pulsing
blasting off
with the tail stalk of a nuclear bomb
bursting upwards at impossible speed
into the out reach
atmospheric breach

I was born to be with you
but I ruined destiny
turned my head on fate
and I have never fully recovered
and so I dwell

in discussions with my self
on the terms of my psyche
inner voices around the table
a split decision

on a beach
ghost crabs
are afraid
of me

splinters of spiders made
can be mended
wholly broken glass
can not be repaired
only reformed

I search through my feelings
and you are always there
I search around my home
and you are not there, anymore

notes… that’s it, nothing else tonight.  Comments are always appreciated because I can always hear my voice but I need to hear yours…

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