a silly little poem…

a silly little poem…

giant yellow rubber ducky on body of water at park
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com


the furious duck
angered by cartoons
stalks the children
past the noon
and with swift bite
may they know and fear
bread crumbs to offer
distance to appease,
do not cross paths
oh dear children
twixt that ferocious duck,
with blood on bill
he thinks himself a wolverine
a feathered fiend
trust my words children
and heed them well
the ugly duckling
cowers no more.

notes… sometimes strange things take possession of my head, I saw a goose, not exactly something so out of the ordinary, my area has quite the many of the canadian variety, but I thought why are geese so damn aggressive and ducks are so… so gosh darn cute, we even put effigies of them in the baths of our children, geese, I get it, the whole foie gras thing (which if you haven’t had it is utterly, decidedly scrumptious but if you investigate how it is generally made… well, you may be an angry mother and stop eating it), so anyway I thought of the transfer of geese aggression into their fowl cousin, the impetus ?  how cartoons exploit our poor web footed but feathered friend, I mean think about it, speech impediments (donald), one is out of his mind (daffy), a uber rich one who basically has a pond of money (scrooge mcduck)… I could go on and on about how f’d ducks have been in cartoons… and that lead to this silly little work… and don’t hate me for this (and damn it is catchy)…

The Duck Song

that’s all…

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