a simple spring poem or two.

a simple spring poem or two.

photography of tree
Photo by gypsyugal on Pexels.com

written in traffic this morning, this week has been, ahem, arduous in terms of that, just simple things I saw in front of me, it brought me hope in a sense, I hope to share that with you…


on the fore –
the only tree
alight with green
is not a pine
has arrived


might I forgive
the architect
for placing
a pigeon
atop a highway light post
distinct profile
but not as impressive
as a falcon
or a hawk

notes… the second one is very ME specific, for some reason I am fixated on birds on lamp posts, I have noticed some birds of prey on them in recent years (and not previously), most birds of prey are super impressive animals really, they are much larger than common birds, at least in these parts, so the contrast is what I was going for here, pigeons are quite common, and not as regal as the top predator, sort of like comparing mullet to a great white, sure, at some level both have aesthetic beauty, but the whites are more impressive as they have barely any fear (besides killer whales, not to go all off tangent on you), anyway, pay attention to the world around, things are there to confound…

sunray across green grass field
Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com

music ?!…

Soen – Rival

Started as a “side band” that wanted to experiment with “Tool” like music (treating Tool’s sound as a genre, interesting).  This is off the new album… and man it rules, well, at least to me.  Melodic and heavy… I would like to think I hit those notes as a person, probably not… but heck, why not dream while I’m still alive… let me know what you think, I can’t read minds you know (although I pretend)

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