simple thoughts on a saturday…

simple thoughts on a saturday…

beach dawn dusk ocean
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the weekend, or for those of us who work 6 days, the one day (sunday) is the weekend, it is for relaxation, the old recharge of the batteries as they say, I like to post some simpler thoughts, usually I go back and look through my notes, but this one literally wrote itself as I pulled into my driveway tonight, I scribbled these lines, I must say I liked them immediately, but I am assuredly biased, no lines that change the world, or even the most clever of sprites, just purity of thought for you to consider (your eyes on this post are appreciated)…

“in the sunrise
I see hope
in the sunset
I see dawn

in the light
I see the way
in the night
I see the dream”

*All thoughts, comments, likes, re-posts, crock pot recipes, vitriolic diatribes and pats on the back are all appreciated.  so what do you really think of this life?

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