Catch Phrases (motivational aphorisms?)

Catch Phrases (motivational aphorisms?)

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I decided to hop on the GSP this morning instead of the Turnpike because my route to said roadways takes me directly over them so I can actually see the levels of hell I might be descending into (Edison is quite advantageous a place to live, in that regard), by rule I almost always avoid the GSP weekdays, well, rules have exceptions but sometimes they are also rooted in pretty darn good experience, but (oh the but…), I threw that logic out the window seeing as the Turnpike looked more like the Meadowlands (er… Met Life stadium) the day of a Giants game (yes, I am a fan…), anyhoo, so I wound up in some mind numbing traffic (I know, I know, I complain about traffic all the time), so instead of getting my road rage on (for no apparent reason or recourse honestly) I popped on some Eric Johnson (Tones specifically) to soothe my soul (and make me forget my current annoying predicament), I find Eric’s playing full of the joy of life, so, for whatever reason, the muse came down from whatever cloud and handed me these, some phrases and thoughts, feel free to share as long as you remember where you got them…

“live life in amazement
  love life in amazement”

(edit 3/7 – love life through engagement), pick whichever version you prefer…

“for some, winter never ends
for them, I can only pray”

“there is no currency lost in dreaming”

“I find myself looking for metaphors in rusty guard rails
maybe I am trying to hard”

notes.. don’t they look so much more impressive in quotes… anyway here is some more Eric Johnson, he is coming to town at the end of the month as part of the Experience Hendrix tour which also features perhaps the most underrated rock vocalist ever, Doug Pinnick, anyway…

Eric Johnson – Song for George (acoustic)

and as always, thanks for the eyeballs…

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