we are all vulnerable. we all have our weaknesses…

we are all vulnerable. we all have our weaknesses…

beach blur clouds dawn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

the beach is my refuge
my retreat
to see infinite hope and the inevitable end
where else to expect
all things converged a beginning and an end
for I might seem strong
to those looking in
but inside
broken pieces strewn about this shore
I wish for a united front
but humpty has more hands than I
from king’s men or passer’s by
I can not even remember the sight
from up upon the wall
I wish to be whole some time once again
but I am used to this, broken

notes… eventually we all just become atoms for reformation of other living things. this was written 1.2 of this new year, I am commenting on perspective and many other things, I think most are obvious so I am not going to explain this one to death (of course the temptation is there, it is my nature)

music (as I love to share my thoughts on)…

The Jelly Jam – Nature’s Girl

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