sometimes passing through.

sometimes passing through.

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Are we always engaged in life… at our full ? potential?  That is my goal (not that I am near reaching it), why not shoot for the moon, you can miss and only hit some random satellite, but you would still be in space, above the earth… but sometimes I feel like I am running in place.  I try to remember I am fueled by optimism… and gifted with this life and this forum to share. but sometimes…


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misting” 6.1.18

I’m alive


– misting.

I wake

I work

I sleep, some nights


days flip

patterns hold

seasons pass


clock forward chiming

haunting in this

simply existence

– misting.

music… one of my all time faves… (a 2fer tonight!)

Voivod – Angel Rat

Voivod – Freedoom

I can pretty much guaranty you never heard anything like this, canadian pop/prog, this album was a total curve-ball, so I totally dug it, stick with the songs, listen to the chorus and lyrics… from a guitar perspective Piggy (RIP) always had his own thing going on, I regret not seeing them 4000 times more than I did, at least I did see them live though in my live.

And thanks to you, if you read any of this. because… there is value in throwing yourself out there into the world, you never know what she will return…

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