about love lost and the warmth of hopes

about love lost and the warmth of hopes

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I long to avert my eyes

from the memory

but I can not escape

the resident


there is no place I can go

no island so remote

no postcard from far away sky

or even camelot’s hope

nor mountain top breath,

a flower in perfect step

to the grass that surrounds,

for you – to you

my love-

I am bound.

green mountain under blue sky
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shores” 8.13.2018

as I exhale, you inhale

my very breath

that is how close we are

no, looking back, that is how close we were,

these days,

we are like two continents

on opposite sides of the widest ocean

I try to remember the contours of your shore

I do still recall the feel of your hair

in my hands, in between, flowing silken strands

caressing the gaps of my fingers like waterfalls,

and staring into your eyes

transported to –

an island

surrounded on all sides by your love.

but, now a distant land

for pangea is broken

the faults, the scars

I understand the tectonics

but still –

I stand on my shore

and peer out into the horizon

wondering where you are.

sparks of firecracker
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lasting” 8/17/2018

you –

the last name

the last thought

a last synapse spark

as I slide, into the everdark,

in my mind

as I expire

from this life

I hope, I pray

on the other side

to see you once again

and renew our vows

on that immortal plane

music…  going with some more of one of my fave bands…

Minus the Bear – Last Kiss

This song really gets me, great art can often be simple, the premise of this song is just that, but it is not something we might always think about, or maybe you do, I can only speak for this pile of genetic material typing this post at the moment, perhaps it is the memory burned into my cinema screen of memory that I can not erase, that day, I am blessed or cursed with an exceptional memory, so every detail, even the feel… I remember, it all, whether it be guilt or regret, or the lens of time distilling away the non essential elements and leaving just one, love.

and lest I forget, I do appreciate all comments, thoughts, follows or re-posts (as long as ya’ credit me, c’mon!), or turkey sandwiches, man I love turkey…

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