words vs. pictures

words vs. pictures

I consider myself good with the written word, but sometimes nature just makes it impossible for me to speak on paper like she reveals to my eyes, maybe that is why I do not write much (at all) when I am here, I am overwhelmed by what I see so I use that lens thing to share it with you, I am by no means a photographer, or even a pretend one, I can only point and hope it captures what I am seeing for sharing here, so I will post something I wrote previously but have not gotten around to posting immediately (from my last vacation apparently)…

person sitting on rock on body of water
Photo by Keegan Houser on Pexels.com

10.8.2018 Upon Steger Beach, Cape May NJ

I write these lines, in an ancient place

time in sand and hand in hand

under the starlit sky of constellations

who’s light I see

spans further than all generations of man

the surf and the waves do not witness

the bustling about

the faces, the walking, the talking

our lives of importance carved in ego

as a vapor, a mist, passing

all to fall, all the while

the ocean, pulses on, millennial song

against the shore, been and gone

Musical accompaniment: (to me the perfect beach song…)

Minus the Bear – Pachuca Sunrise

this is one of those songs that transports me to a certain time, I had my ipod mini (remember those? lol) and I sat nights looking out at the atlantic in islamorada (FL Keys), I remember watching thunderstorms coming in off the ocean in little castles on the horizon, I could see the lightning on the stark aqua tone as the waves lapped at my toes, all in paradise, late at night, cradling a drink, with this song as the soundtrack. sometimes a song just does that, this is that, for me.

I have been uploading plenty of vids to my youtube channel, I ain’t saying they are great but hopefully they do reveal the feel of where I am at.

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