beach haiku…

beach haiku…

beach bench boardwalk clouds
Photo by Pixabay on

I don’t always write haiku, but when I do it is is, well, haiku silly… I generally like to not have form but sometimes I like it, so what the hell… I was sitting on the beach, listening to the surf, and these words, and syllables occurred (because I do always think of her, wherever she is, I think of her).

entrance to the beach
the thousands of footprints down
none of them are yours

alone on the bench
ocean breeze washes over
do you think of me

streetlights long shadows
strangers walk, conversations
I am here alone

stars shine down as fixed
couples on bicycles pass
am I being judged

take a picture of
my very shadow being
I leave nothing here

music… one of my fave bands and albums….

Minus the Bear – Michio’s Death Drive

if that don’t get your gaggle giggin… well, I give up

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