Simply Sunday (well at least here)

Simply Sunday (well at least here)

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As is my habit (not the nun uniform), I like to post some simpler thoughts on the weekend, just some snippets, notes, scraps of thoughts (little tidbits and crumbs from my journals over the months), so…

shine” 5/30/18

as the sun shines, I know your smile

your eyes, I am lost at sea

sinking into your midst

into bliss

washed up on the shore

the sun warms, once more

grains of sand

I succumb

into the dream

of your love.


empty park bench

lonely shadow

empty park


not a squirrel nor a bird

just the wind

shuffling through the trees

alone with my thoughts

carry my words of love to her


time blinks” 7.10.2018

my precious time

is gone


and to be honest

I do not know

where it has gone

or where it went

morning joe” 7.10.2018





to percolate

a sleepy soul

I will go out of the box for a minute (as I am wont to do…) with a movie recomendation… real old school goofy 80’s comedy that I think is vastly overlooked (the where’s the beef lady is in it !!!! cmon now! – almost as cool as the parts is parts commercial)…

Moving Violations (1985)

stick with it, it is funny… cheesy? 80s?? yeah… all that… but trust me and thanks for reading if you are reading this. all comments/thoughts/vile epithets are appreciated.

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