experimental post.

experimental post.


Just trying something different, the origin was a few words and trying to be simple, and also honoring what I heard in my head (beat wise).  so in my head I thought:

(beat) deer (beat) cross (beat) road (beat) swerve

but I was also envisioning this happening as I drive (as most of us in the northeast USA do this time of year, especially november)… so I was not sure how to post it, I wrote it out originally as:

deer / cross / road / swerve

and I guess that works but it wasn’t totally sufficient to me, I can not draw to save my life, and my handwriting I refer to as “encrypted” because only I can read it, the lines seemed … to be missing something, so I wanted to amp it up with multimedia, ideally I wanted real paint brush strokes in between… that would work, but this is the best I could do with what I have in front of me.  Just me trying something a little bit off my usual path, it just hit me there to go this way, as I say the muse is the muse and I go that way.

Revision 2am… I am looking at it now still not satisfied… I want it to read like:

deer (pause/look) cross (pause) road (pause) swerve (end beat)

I suppose I have to post it just like I did above?  it seems so odd but if it is what is my head I should try to post it same

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