Avarice… just a quick little poem…

Avarice… just a quick little poem…

full frame shot of eye
Photo by Vladislav Reshetnyak on Pexels.com

avarice” 9.14.2018

nefarious ones, and fives,

line my pockets, passed around

these filthy whores, sweaty grimy hands,

passing underhand deals

gambling debts, illicit sex acts,

people, bought and sold


money is not the root of all evil

money is simply the financier.

notes… I think this one is pretty straight on, I was picking at the underlying scab of the ugliness of humanity and money…. am I above it ?  I wish I could say I am totally a pauper who lives the life of a monk, but here I am on my $3K laptop posting about greed… as if I am better than anyone (which I am certainly not), stripping yourself of the material is a process, after all, I’m just a material girl… in a material world…

music… again I will wander into the obscure, I can pretty much guaranty you never heard this… but it is pre-korn NIN type stuff, they fizzled out but this song had it all imo… (and no it is not death metal, clean vocals but it is heavy at times…)

Drown – “What it is to Burn”

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