Concert Review: “Cellar Darling” live in Brooklyn (technically Greenpoint) 9.11.2018 (pt 3 – epilogue and things I forgot to mention)

Concert Review: “Cellar Darling” live in Brooklyn (technically Greenpoint) 9.11.2018 (pt 3 – epilogue and things I forgot to mention)

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Just some rambling last thoughts (or things I forgot as I write my posts whole-cloth from memory on the spot)…

Anna remarked during the show how she does not like to talk (just perform) which sort of is ironic for a lead singer (at least I thought so, but she was in a talkative mood this particular evening – she talked about how they like to tell stories with their songs and origins of the various lyrics, definitely a different vibe than “this is a song about a girl” or whatever…).  More importantly she said that the new album is pretty much done (and a new song was ready to be debuted… soon! yay ! If I remember correctly she said the new tune was very complicated so they couldn’t play it yet live.  Which makes sense if you know any professional musicians, doing things in a studio is one thing but then learning the new stuff cold to play live is quite the different animal all-together.)  Did I mention she plays a friggin’ hurdy gurdy ?  That thing looks like it weighs a ton.  From a show perspective I thought it was pretty cool that she would hop on the thing (it was on a stand) but then hop off to sing lead / engage the audience. She also broke out a flute… man she makes me feel like a lazy musical bum!

My staked out position happened to be next to 2 black guys (and their girlpal), I only say that because for whatever reason there just generally is not a lot of black people at metal/rock shows.  In fact one of the guys remarked “hey, we are the 2 token black people here”… which I found amusing (if you like South Park, think of Token).  It got me thinking back to a show I was at ages ago for the BRC (Black Rock Coalition) in NYC.  The BRC is pretty interesting I recommend you check them out (for once I would say their Wiki page is pretty accurate). Of course my favorite all time singer is Doug Pinnick and he always wondered about why there is so few black artists/fans in the genre as well (as you could argue that rock and roll itself (and by extension metal) is derived from essentially black music – I don’t want to go to far into the weeds on this right now, maybe another time we’ll have that discussion).

So just a final overview/review… (in case I missed it), this band are total pros man, very tight and obviously well rehearsed, I have seen plenty of “big” bands in my day be a little sloppy or not pay as much attention to detail (lazy from success maybe?).. but Cellar  Darling ?  nah, they nail it… sure, they have a limited catalog admittedly but I have a good eye (and ear) for these things.

Unfortunately I could not stick around after the show but the band was hanging out interacting with the fans at the merch table… damn, it would be nice to be independently wealthy… but I will settle for mildly comfortable for now…

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