Being someone else.

Being someone else.

grayscale photography of two newborn
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I find my self often thinking about being someone else… I am not talking about the fantasies we all have about being famous or hitting the big home run (or playing a mind melting guitar solo in front of a crowd of floozies looking to hop my bones (ok… a little too much there)). I am literally talking about the mental exercise of looking at an everyday person and trying to gauge what it is to be them, in their skin, their experience, their problems, their sins and joys, I am talking about crawling in there and trying on that skin suit, empathy to the Nth degree, empathy by actually being, sure, it can’t happen but my mind needs crackers to munch on so it doesn’t munch on itself.   It is a strange exercise as sometimes I think it is pointless (we are all dead walking – hope I am wrong on that count but as far as I know now…) but other times it leads to insights you might not have thought of if you didn’t take your mind muscle through the paces, give it a whirl.  This work was my attempt at describing a bit of my thought process as it happened… just sitting in my car during my lunch hour, had to get out of the office to breath in some calm air, listen to some tunes… and words floated in… and controlled my pen…. (plus I picked a baby pic for click bait… c’mon, everyone loves babies.. and puppies… and unicorns, market research tells me so…)

thoughts, lunch in the car, Hackensack NJ” 4/27/18

a gray day

a friday

threatening rain

forecast in hand

but eyes tell

better than a weather app

the local pockets of rain

on my corner of this map

people walking by, walking on by

I do not know them

but they know the route

as sure footing confident

are they looking at me

wondering the same things

shared experiences with another’s lens

stranger’s mouth and foreign eyes

a divergent skin on frame

tailored to a different size

choice of shoes and shirt

might we switch places

what would I do

where will I go

what would I inherit

what now will I know?

musical choice? I feel like a classic…

Motorhead – Ace of Spades

Fast and dirty rock and roll baby… time for the weekend.. oh wait, I am working (audible sigh), festivities cancelled, damn it.

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