Simply Saturday…

Simply Saturday…

clear glass window with brown and white wooden frame
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Another week passed, another post after my last, this seems like a pattern but I am determined to make it all different, I am going to lay back and post some simple works, such as they are, the older I get the more I seem to want to boil things down to essence, if I can find it, I guess the grind of life has taught me that we don’t need all the ribbons, sashes, and long eyelashes , the goods that makes the cake is the goods in the bake people!  we all know it.. do we all live it ?  I am making an attempt and am certainly not above reproach, so approach these works with that thought, and thanks for even reading this.

half moon and silhouette of trees
Photo by Philippe Donn on

bother” 4/23/18

why bother

when I know it is you



all the while


all the while

moving on, as they advise

but always to know

they are never you

beach beautiful boulders calm waters
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what is the difference

between a rock and a boulder

I guess I do not know

I suppose

how high you must go

a mountain, a moon


for you” 6.1.18

I’m sorry

if you only knew

I would change everything

but only for you


I have conversations

with you in my mind

I wish you could hear them

I hope you understand

I should have been more honest

at the time

notes?  nah… not this time.

music? eh… OK.. how about some classic metal/tribal stuff that doesn’t get the credit that say “walk this way” does in terms of style breaking…

Sepultura – Ratamahatta

hells yeah this gets me going… plus the video is cool as hell…

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