Skellig Michael (a place you might know)

Skellig Michael (a place you might know)

mountains near body of water
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I watch a good deal of nature shows from all over the globe (torrenting does have it’s advantages – tangent, I highly recommend PrivateVPN for privacy, been using them for years!)… and I tend to gravitate toward the ocean (as you can see in my poems, landlubber I am not).  Tonight I started watching a series “Wild Ireland : The Edge of the World” which chronicles California.. just kidding, it features a dude (Colin Stafford-Johnson who happens to be a wildlife videographer) traveling up the Irish coast exploring all the nooks and crannies of same.  Excellent watch first off, secondly the first episode is all about the Skellig islands, more specifically Skellig Michael… it must have been a cosmic thump of total geekdom that this happens to be the island featured so prominently in the last Star Wars movie “The Last Jedi” (which I thought was good… not great, Rogue One was the best of the recent ones, but stop distracting me alright…).  So… you might recognize the island, it wasn’t fake.. no CGI, nature made this one out of the same sandstone that is the isle of Ireland (it is not a volcanic island like most we think of… at some point it was part of the larger island… quite eons ago).  The island was literally at one point the western most point in Europe (for ages.. even the middle ones).  It was actually occupied by monks for some time but now is just a tourist destination when the tides and weather permits… those cool huts from the movie are actually there.  The porgs?  Has to be the puffins that nest there…  There is tons of inspiration / material to write about (just the bird population is amazing)… I probably will, just not right now, long week of work has sapped the old well of energy but I am a fast recover-er…. so look out for some work based on this island (and the wildlife) in a galaxy not so far away…

Check out this video about the island…. (click here, and ponder, wonder)

Almost forgot some music!  check out my old friend Yogi !  he rules, great guitar player and a great guy … Yogi “The Imperial March” (Star Wars)

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