respite. relax. refuge.

respite. relax. refuge.

lion sleeping beside rock
Photo by Aldo Picaso on

as I am prone and known to do, I like to lighten the load on my loafers towards the weekend… I just got off the phone with work (a brutal installation that had me working 38 hours in 3 days…ugh)… so I need to reach back and relax, take a deep breath…. relax… so. some not so serious quips from my quiver … to deliver – to you. and why a lion? I’m a leo of course if you could not tell from the braggadocio of my vernacular.


for sale

by the owner

no one likes the listing

no one is listening

parts” 6.3.18

replace love

so I go to the love parts store

but there is nothing there

that I haven’t bought before

the model I owned

is no longer in stock

buried in years

universal clock


I am an oyster

with the pearl removed

they say the cause is an irritant

if this is true

I would like very much

to be bothered again

by you

Music!!!  what could be more fun than scatterbrain ?? ?  cmon now… !  I can’t believe how old this is but it brings back memories… they had some great tunes, dude…

Scatterbrain “Don’t Call Me Dude”

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