People watching…

People watching…

adults airport black and white building
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I was stuck at the same store for work pretty much all week. Not to complain (it was cool to be out of the office honestly).  Red Bank NJ is a really nice town so that was a bonus.  But working on computers in supermarkets does afford me the opportunity to people watch in the live zoo environment.  I have been doing that but in a different way.  I try to figure out what went into that person, literally meaning, all the circumstances of life and time that lead directly to the person standing there (the ingredients for that particular cake)… it is daunting to think about but… also fascinating, and then juxtapose that with me just being in my little corner of the earth and this concentration of events and experience that makes individuals goes on like a grand machine billions of times of day across this world which is so incredibly tiny against the backdrop of the cosmos…  Hard to wrap your head around, but I try (or maybe that is the way my cookie head crumbles).  Then I wondered what these people see… when they see me.. the posture, the body language (do I have a big dumb forehead? do they check out my butt?).  Do we ever really look at ourselves the way other people do ? Can we ?  I suppose social media helps that if you are honestly yourself in videos… but do people act the same (totally) when a camera is on ?  (There is the scientific theory that something changes when it is under observation) I wonder if future generations will just have cameras all the time and just be… because that is all they will know (Truman Show?).  These are the things that bounce around my mind.  The following should have been part of my live poetry jam I did a couple weeks ago but I totally forgot I wrote it.. I am human after all (my co workers may have issues with that statement).



jackson heights

the faces




one by one

all in line

check out

with no exceptions

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