Fear, redemption…

Fear, redemption…

art beautiful bloom blooming
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

What holds us back?  Mostly ourselves.  I am not claiming to be better or an authority on how to live.  In fact the more I think about life the more confused I get.  How in the ever loving world am I supposed to understand another person?  We are all an amalgamation of very specific ingredients and experience coalesced into this singular experience.  That is of course why we gravitate to our own tribes.  Nothing spectacular there… so the question becomes how to break these walls?  I could say it takes courage… but does it really?  We all find our comfortable couch and love the familiarity…  I am just as guilty but I see it, I see me… I want to burn like a hot stick of dynamite in the world, I am sure I have it in me… but what holds me back?  or you ?

Here is something I wrote today… as is my usual jaunt this is a one take piece (literally, I thought about live posting the writing which I may do in the future)… I wonder if I should work on my work or just keep throwing out what I pen immediate.  I know I could improve some words, some rhythm for sure… but should my poems be perfect … as I am surely not? I should let go of the fear.

grounded” 6.19.18

I am a bird


shattered bones

feathers burned



lying in a broken pile

of my own filth



cast glint

glassy eyes


penetrated by the sadness

deadened by the masses.

Music?  Yeah.. I got that… Paradise Lost “As I Die” … PL has been one of my faves for .. damn, that long now?  I always thought this is the direction Metallica should have gone.. not the crappy one they have… I love Paradise Lost because of the name (obviously you poetic Milton freaks).. and they change sounds almost every album (even an electronic one! the awesome “Host“).  I swear they should hire me as a publicist… well, maybe not.

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