The Weekend is for…

The Weekend is for…

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whimsy.  I have two whole days off (a rarity) so I will be out and about here in New Jersey digging for fossils… yes, you can do that here.  One of the best kept secrets of NJ (ahem, besides myself) is Big Brook Park.  You are allowed to just hop in and dig (so I do). But anyway here is a silly little thing I threw together the other day while looking at my stat page (as most of us surely do here on wordpress).  Surely this is an inside joke for wordpress folks only… so, find art wherever you may roam (or blog).

login” 6.8.18


my domain

free with a plan



view site stats plan


pages and posts

counting visitors

coveting followers

as close as I come to “commercial” music… R.I.P. Shannon, saw these guys at woodstock 94 (maybe I will tell you about that sometime, I wonder where Jodi is…hope you are well out there!), they were great…  “No Rain” – Blind Melon

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