the darkness filter

the darkness filter

if only we could install a simple filter, a physical barrier in a metaphysical way, like the ones in our homes or cars or, anywhere, to filter out the contagions meant to harm us, and those that are mere particles of dust, harmless to some, allergens to others, some meant not to harm at all but do by their very nature of interaction, could I impose this filter, not a dam to hold the everything back, a picky filter meant to pluck out the darkness that might infect, decay, inject or harm, remove the vile poisonous barbs, thoughts and words, not as shield to knock them down unheard, just a medium to purify before they penetrate our host, can this be accomplished with the power of thought, a mental state, a gate, a keeper, letting only in the passage of the best repute, or just those meant to heal, rise or bolster or guide, or come upon a grave sailor with a single coin in hand, only allowing passage to our personal island of heaven, or at least the best heaven we can provide, inside, our inner-eden, even if there is maintenance to do about this garden, let this be such a garden, a collection, one of the seven wonders internally nurtured by allowing just the warming light of the sun, and the cool light of late summer moon, with fireflies providing a spectacle amongst the midnight blooms, yes, let me close my eyes and pray this miraculous wonder into place, not a wall or a moat to tighten and surround in, a sieve of the finest kind, to let only in what love of vine, and that which ripens fruit glad and sweet, why not strive for this, a filter, the darkness filter.

SOC post… that is stream of consciousness ya ninny… meaning I had an idea in my noggin and let it bounce around, create a sound… and so hear it is… a good visualization for me, I think I have to try and change my filters in my head from time to time, a reset really, spring cleaning of the soul ? sure.

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