green bloom

green bloom

almost as if immediately- (today)
I notice the green jump
flowing in on the edges
filling in the seams
I dream of the emerald isle
although I’ve never been,
the fringe of the landscape
taking shape now
rising up now,
the early signs did portend
and now the underlying
is undeniable-
the spring;
and the poor death-
of a cherry blossom’s plight
“you arrived too soon, my friend”
the party has just yet begun
and yet, there you are
scattered about the ground
falling like painted cards of rain
petals spent on trumpet sound-
yes, thank you, my friend
for sending out the invites
and setting the hall
for all the guests.
(thank you my friend,
I will see you next year, with renewed hope, again)

notes… this literally walked up on me… well, first off, for those not in the know, these are one offs, I write and am done, not a hard rule, but mostly my modus operandi, I want to capture my exact mood, not brood, so these pieces are really instant coffee (if you will), anyway, driving home tonight, I noticed how the banal aspects of my drive were … well, alive, like the little islands in between the highway divides, more green, so spring is here, I can not say it crept up but yet here I was… noticing the infringing green… and yet the decay of the harbingers… the daffodils are beginning to fade, the cherry blossoms are balding… so.. this is what this is about, I think… I might have woven some other things in there for you to think about…

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