surveyors, purveyors
those of flight
choose more readily the land
skirmish or a dance?
forwards and backwards glance
might they even taunt me
as I park my car
next to their claimed lawn
only to back away
if my shadow sways
to block out their sun
an unatural eclipse
that might unerve even us
should the shoes be reversed

“where have you been?”
red robin, all winter long
abandoned these parts
for a warmer lot
and perhaps
that makes you smarter than I
but yet you return
to hatch your brood
so perhaps my youth
was not such a waste
growing up in the same place
you choose to bring your own
and to return each year
to this ancestral home

maybe I will fully never understand the dance
the why, the how, the circumstances of this
but enjoy a flash of blush
upon my yard
graced by my friends and visitors
who have come so far
to come bring the spring once again
as the green is proselytizing the land
and the songs more ride the winds
-for a time
so why not enjoy the ride
and smile at this wonderous spectacle of time.

note… I almost want to have one as a pet to observe and learn, the wild ones on my lawn do not always understand my intent, nor should they I suppose, but I suppose to try… (and for those who do not read me often …. or ever, my works are almost all one offs, off the cuff, I wrote this today in one sitting, maybe ten minutes, that is just what I and the muse do…)

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