the idea of colors…

the idea of colors…

the idea of colors, is an absolute wonder, blue sky, blue planet, our perception, our depth, so blinded in this cocoon of atmosphere, we look up and see blue with yellow ribbons, some days, trays of greys the next, a painted landscape sewn of white cotton balloon animals at rest or sometimes on parade, and all this in-within hidden, coaxed into show in rare circumstance but known phenoma-stance, the rainbow, always there as a vertebrate backbone to all the other colors in just the skies alone, even if beyond, our dome, is the inevitable blackness of space, right there in seeming reach, carpeted with the pin lights of an unimaginable number of stars, none so close as ours, but so far, but yet their light, in many hues does fall upon these shores, perhaps even the dead light of a super nova, and most light we see far before we were born, their light of now will only reach us a thousand years from now, can we get our head around such comprehension, such length, such distance, such the matter of waves, across that vastest of the cosmic ocean? if we could only travel on that spectrum, as a molecule, to alter our perception to not only see colors but to perceive them as whole cloth, as they are, as the threads in the fabric, the wardrobe maker of the essential forces, all tied in, a web, the spectrum, a spinster’s spool, I close my eyes and imagine setting sail on such a dream wave… for if I am right, I will not need my physical eyes to see, only my sense of being – of belonging here and everywhere I might be, upon that most noble of seas, the stars as buoys, god as the gps…

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