if even I could hold some semblance of my perception
as a single grain of sand
a molecule- all that is left of this man
some miniscule consciousness of mine
in that boundary between the tides
so I might yet feel the light, on my face
left to the ocean’s gentle grace
never alone in the vastly grave
just a glimmer
a silicone sliver, of hope
under star-shine and moonlit glow
some tiny piece of this- left
to go on – and on -and on.

note… we all do it… the search for meaning, the meaning of our existence, to square the circle that we can never… but we do it any way, it is in our nature… I can not shake the fear that one day I will disappear, and not even know I existed, my consciousness scattered to the winds… is that greedy? is that shallow? perhaps… in the grand scheme of things I suppose… I suppose I should just let go…but… this is all I know, and the idea that I will be essentially erased, while I have no control, is terrifying… so I hope and search for more… and even that seems shallow, for you or I will never know until that time when we can’t come back here and inform each other… in a blog…

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