prey and eventuality…

prey and eventuality…

if I might be a steely wolf
lone stalker of resolute proof
natural instinct
draws the lines
scent to sight
no malice for a meal
no compassion for a life
a trade in fair for now
on earth
for this- is life as been
and those who pass
those who persist
within the lock
of these steely eyes

notes… so the song portion is silly a bit this time… why? Duran Duran was my first musical love… funny for a guy who routinely listens to the hardest metal you can imagine, Napalm Death ? hell yeah… but when I was in my early teens Duran Duran was mixed in with Def Leppard, Rush and the early metal pioneers (Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Overkill, Slayer.. and so many more)… but Duran Duran taught me love for catchy electronic beats… which of course I still love…

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