the sucker trap… (a short little story)

the sucker trap… (a short little story)

I should know better… I really should, but sometimes, it only takes a pebble to send the wagon wheel off kilter, at least this time, I caught myself, before careening off a cliff into a miserable hell of my own making, how little a push it takes, just a subtle breeze in one direction, but in some way I am not wrong (perhaps my reaction…), today’s pet peeve you may ask (certainly within your rights, should you be reading this), where I work, the lovely and mystical Hackensack NJ is an unerving magical maddening maze for street parking, sure, my office has an ‘official’ parking lot but it resembles the opening of the simpsons where everyone is trying to get on the couch to a limted number of spots (and damn if I always get blocked in as well), add into the mix the constant flooding patterns when it rains (we are a block or so from the Hackensack river), well, it is a fun time trying to find one of the limted amount of street spots within a decent block or two from the office, so when people don’t pull up to examine all the potential sign to sign, it burns me, like one thousand suns colliding (a bit much?)… I guess because such a simple gesture, such a simple thing… is so.. well, SIMPLE… to me at least, apparently the people in this area did not get the memo(s), I mean really, how hard would it be to pull up four feet or even two in some cases so that someone else could park legally… now, one spot amiss, perhaps I could have tolerated that this morning (a slog of a commute in the rain where drivers seem to lose their minds), two spots? … perhaps, perhaps that would not have cut my edge so gruff, but after spot three I was losing all control and lobbing F bombs at inanimate objects (after finding my spot of course), Friday is an alterate parking day, supposedly they street sweep, not that you can tell on a good day, or any day for that matter, although, it has been a nice change to see fallen leaves (and standard garbage) instead of face masks these days… so on with the walk to the office (longer than it should have been)… contemplating leaving a scathing note on windows, contemplating confronting the drivers (which frankly I probably would never have the balls to do), halfway on the walk of rage to my office door I realized… what the hell are you winding yourself up for man ! letting that negativity rise like a geyser, definitely old faithful getting worked up on such a less than handful of a matter, I took a breath, calmed myself down, still muttered one more “they are still assholes” and opened the front door…

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