th e va ni shi n g

th e va ni shi n g

so I have read, or somehow know drawn up from the instinct of my ancient soul, that the tough times, the lean times, are when meted out are friend and foe, family and bit players, hangers on and those who are like anchors in a stormy bay, in a moment’s time, in a blink of a life, how quickly the background fades, how silently or not pretenders make a case, whether by blood, or matrimony, or circumstance, the travelers through our lives pass, and some take refuge, or are invited into our homes, but only when the true depth of winter comes, do you know who might help collect firewood -when you have none.

Note: in highs and lows I am in a valley now… but somehow I feel OK, even if the edifice is crumbling away… what can I do? Terrible dark things happen in life but sometimes you just have to be the light, and the better half… maybe I can not forgive certain acts but I am not going to war or dwelling over that… sometimes people let you know who they are, lay down cards that reveal themselves et al… and what you do with it is what determines the future. I no longer invest in money pits of people…

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