castle walls.

castle walls.

so do I? stand in the face of the inevi-tsunami, hold up the palm of my hand as if to stop the flow? the instinct, the urge to do so, seems to command me, should I build sand ramparts to the sky, each more impressive than before, only to see them withered and washed, once more, and will each stone of my bones be also ground down, into grains of sand, to use as future armament against future circumstance, or do I stand here, to be washed away, without a fight, without flight, swallowing whole just as jonah might? to what end is the struggle, to what end is the plight? even the most stalwart castle walls will fall, tunneled under, siege towered over, for there is no impenetrable dome or domain as to which I might be aware, but that gleaming dream still comes, still plants, still grows from false soil, or lying soil, or comforting ground, to germinate such foolish a child that might stand with such pride against the tide, from where does this hubris hide, for even fear will not subside, this futile task, to struggle against the vast, against any and all odds, as the house always wins, as ours falls, for just a glimpse perhaps, of our alabaster blinding walls, built with all the muster, the end written far long before done, but just the same, just the same we blaze forward for that brief moment in the sun… before we succumb.

notes… do you ever wonder if it is worth it? life? what else do we have? but the fight… and we all lose.. or do we? what is this hope that is still a lantern in the utter darkness for me? humanity? the will to live? the foolishness? the knowledge that given the vastness we (me and you) do exist… even for the briefest of moments… and a whole world is built around this…

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