adoption or adaptation

adoption or adaptation

maybe we don’t think of this often, but for some reason I have a clear mental picture in my mind at the moment, words that sound close, in proximity, perhaps even in deployment of use, but the differences, while subtle, can be miles between hills, in my mind this seems like a cosmic battle of luminescent bean bag chairs, adoption is almost like an amoeba, you are taking something in, almost akin to absorption, the forever change occurs within the mass and stays part of the whole, packing a suitcase for the journey forward…
adaptation? on another hand, is the outward reaction to a stimulus which changes you as well, you need not necessarily absorb the stimulus in entirety but rather bend your ways or grow to deal with the difference of reality, more like finding a nice wind breaker from llbean, this also carries forward with you, each of these altering your truth, but in a much varied way, the subtle shuffle of just a few letters in a word or situation, can be the determination of the path of survival or thriving or neither…

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