Neptune (the mystic)

Neptune (the mystic)

a hesitation, if there is
before the moment
‘too soon, too soon’
but the blue tone comforts in
surely at the end
when faced with the reality
and all horror falls away
when faced with the certainty
and all doubt fades away;
if only, we could recall the singular moment of our birth
that first light on first eyes from the emergence
a transition from womb-night to this waking dawn
and here with this-
the mystic
the last stop for us to visit
in this instance
not too soon, in fact as meant
not pre-ordained but locked in the hand
there is no struggle
or even if there were
to lay eyes on the mystic
for one grand last time
and give thanks for time passed.

notes.. I post as I write, rarely do I edit my work, so it is not as perfect as I would like…. so neither am I… so enjoy, or not, either outcome is fine, all thoughts are welcome, I post the art for eyes, let them pry let them gauge.

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