on being interdimensional beings

on being interdimensional beings

I have referred to this in the past as a feeling (mine in this case) of being a pilot in my own body, our body is more machine than we might suppose, even if we know, think about piloting a machine, all the things around that happen automatically, for this case, heart beating, lungs breathing, little red internal postman hemoglobin vehicles making numerous deliveries and pick ups, but then the conscious decision to push a button, lifting your arm, a totally different revelation, and sensations, the clusters of nerves sending intel back to your hq, you don’t tell them what to do they just send the information on through and your mind decides the course of action, or sometimes there is just immediate reaction, thusly a marriage of the two, a binary system, which leads me to think, if we do move on from this plane of existence, where would we go? and why is there scant evidence of this journey? I suppose that is why I am pondering our evolution from this dimension is to escape to our true selves, apart from the machine, just the energy of our creation, the end all be all of the human equation, for the universe saw fit to create us (me, you), of all the concoctions that could have been and all the possibilities in the multi/multi billions (incalculable really), but in that transference to another realm our learning would start again from that od a newborn for the familiar shawl of the physics of this world would be ripped from us and we would once again be cast naked into a void, how long would it take to attain speech and such things again? and the term “long” might not matter if we are then existing outside of the bounds of time, in fact time might be something we can look at like a book, whimsically picking a story on which to partake, out of order, or backwards, would it matter from a different dimensional perspective? and perhaps this is why ones can not communicate with those who moved on, the world we are in might not be capable at all or compatible or both, perhaps the next dimension this one we are in will be like a TV where we can flip channels and watch all of history from the dawn of time to end if we are not bound by such constraints as we only know here and now, but is there comfort in that? is that existence, will we know and interact, or be part of the undercurrent consciousness of the universe itself? could our existence now be the same, one link in the chain, as memory would be a different mechanism when the rules of the game are changed so drastically, with so many possibilities who is to say? but I rather like the idea…

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