treason in the union.

treason in the union.

with sharp eye
I respect- and keep watch

on those outward-open, snakes;
but much rather fear and despise
these inner vipers
housed, inside these walls
who greet, with handshakes and smiles
that belie, their venomous intent

sometimes the worst enemy is already in your camp, and you know, but when will you purge them?

and to anyone (perhaps you) new to my blog, I post raw, these are all almost just birthed works, does that mean anything ? no, not really, but this is not some manicured lawn or a plan, this is just a place where I post my immediate art. should that affect your opinion ? maybe not, but that is what this (my) space is all about, an extension of my thoughts complete or not cast out to the world we share in this wonderful time, because this is our time, so regardless of what is going on “out there”, we have “in here” and just shared a bond… even if for a brief second…

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