the green.

the green.

The green night-
the dawn will come to pass
the sunset will come to sleep
(as always)
a day’s peak, a night’s keep
for humanity shall perish from this earth
in the time allotted by the mighty clock
no matter what writ or ruin
or great constructs that bind the land
the green night will come
for return, to give back the same in hand
the very same blow
from which this world was wrought.

notes… wrote this while thinking about The Green Knight, not a great movie in terms of moving the inner needle but certainly an absolutely gorgeous piece of filmmaking (check out my movie review page). but, more to the matter, the story, it is bout nature having the eternal patience that only nature can have, the green, the green will survive, no matter what rises, dragons? (dinosaurs)… humans who think they are more clever than all? so we are… but to what end? the green waits, hibernates, sleeps, ever creeps and will ever be, after we are gone the plants will live on or maybe the insects, certainly not us… we occupy a blink in the reality of this planet.

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