sometimes the drag…

sometimes the drag…

somedays this feels
like being buried alive
I can sense the nails driving through the pine
see? no, I can hear them though
like they are piercing dead skin
sinking below the trees
into the calming realm of roots
sinking beneath the sprouted fields of youth
a faded diamond of sand above
rust dragging half a fence falling down
hanging heavy with weathered ivy
half brown but still fair cover
(for my slumber and eventual… release)

notes… so sometimes I think about the end, will I have awareness, or consciousness, or… anything ? was I only born when I was which would explain my actual naivety? or am I unaware of my past cosmic past? surely the universe has used these molecules before, just not in this particular configuration.. or yours, if you are asking… the whole entire existence of everything has come down to this, me talking to you, in this moment, or maybe whatever moment you read this, think about that, it is an amazing thing… the entire universe decided we had to be… I want to hold on to that, I want to embrace that, and I try…

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