fuzzy (trapped between the two or?)

fuzzy (trapped between the two or?)

is this a dream

or a memory
or the chi.ld.mera of the two?
tea for two, only with you, of course
a fuzzy room, white-light diffused blinds
forms form obtuse outlines
no sharp designations or edges, soften
red tinted-felt tucked in victorian furniture, plum scented
fancy attachments adorned to wanton crowns
perhaps I am phasing out-
I hear myself, having conversations
I hear answers, but in no language to my understanding
might I panic in this blurred reality?
somehow though calm has the best of me
is this how this ends?
is this the heaven of the self?
or paradise lost in paradox
set beyond all living clocks
built inside our inner blocks
limbo cycles lock to lock

notes… going a bit old school metal on you… this band became… nah, I won’t ruin it…

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