the nature of nature…

the nature of nature…

by luizclas

Birds chatter of Wisdom

birds chatter of wisdom
and sing unto that praise

onto that human ear
which what might capture
the image-a-glimpse caught in the sounds of their clamor,
the leaves bend and sway choruses in that speaking breeze
and drop fruit with what to consume knowledge
to raise up creation for a caravan of local nomads,
the seed holds and germinates within new-form hands
delivered, is enlightened in the new birth, (from that attachment)
the words of speech empower the subtleties of voice
saving from that mire that which doth spurn,
and lay down the foundation in may
build yet a union to be spoken of and carried
out far upon sailed that common wave
out into the world as the prosperous evolution
freedom of expression
freedom of expiration,
and so are we
as the birds chatter of wisdom.

notes… this is a re-work of an old work, something I don’t generally do… but there are no steadfast rules here, so this transformed, in my mind, to something else… this.

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