Photo by MBARDO on Pexels.com

conversation: fragments

to her: have I ever really looked into your eyes
deeply, I mean
as I did with her
or has fear recoiled that instinct
as she shied away from such glare
and now do I?
you? a replacement?
no, something different
and why will I not look there
is this me, or you, or both
I want to stare, and be lost
deeply, in the continent of your eyes
because, then I will know
comfort there, on those shores
in the place you hide from others
a dead on stare
because, in that space
your residence
your essence
lays bare

may your eyes meet mine and lock, for a time
deliver me from this wilderness, my hope, my only fire

I am a child of the nintendo 8-bit age, so many of these old chiptunes are sentimental to me, this one in particular, chiptunes rule my friends… don’t even start me on my fave games from back in the day… I might (nod) still play a few of them….

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