shallow focus architectural photography of angel statue
Photo by Archie Binamira on Pexels.com

as for days marked as these
I was not meant to see
but there she was anyway
a lamenting angel
a casualty of war

just in her eyes –
read like history
so far down
forlorn skies gather clouds
as my mind crosses hers
o’ ancient one, accursed
how long should you be punished
how long to be trapped
to dwell here
between death and dawn
knowing neither
knowing you were wrong

notes… so something caught my eye, the corner, like a fish hooked I suppose, I saw into the soul of an angel, a fallen one of course, I have to be dramatic right? but in all seriousness this is a blink, a wink, something that flicked the switch in my mind, there is a bunch of themes in there for you to digest, so… enjoy (and feel free to discuss, because you know, I encourage such things)… and I did see something… didn’t I??

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