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first. breakthrough. last. lasting. millennial to millions.

a fresh boot mark imprinted in the thick mud, or a bigfoot track revealed perhaps? impressions. a silhouette of a shadow boot mark on a pristine white floor, all the ridges, all the flaws, all the all, a step in time, that footprint on the moon, frozen in time (for our now), the fulcrum tips on the balance of an impression, or so we are told, but what about the hold, is that not more important than the toe dipped, the first impression can be the last, or a quick forgotten past, when it passes, how much is effort? how much is luck? as to what is stuck or what sticks permanently, all that we pack in to those moments, the anxiety, the hiding, the projection of what we want that footstep to be, crafting the stamp before the ink, a perception, a link to our own frailties, a created construct to the best of our abilities, sometimes the arrow will even pierce the mark, a bullseye hit out of the park, but to what end, the circus may come to town but not all will be amused, the pageantry, the showmanship, the acrobats fluid moves, but in the end maybe all that remains are the clown’s shoes, and I think of paleontology…
a dinosaur’s footprint, left in the mud, on some seemingly normal every day creek or waterway, here now, encased in a forever millions of years later, how can I compete with that? or should I even bother? the mundane echo of an every day to stop and drink some water has lasted longer than mankind has even pondered… my life moments pass without so much wonder… or will I leave a footprint fossil of some kind… ? we all want to leave our mark, but look at what has actually survived… by chance…

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