and superman is dead…

and superman is dead…

antique book close up handwriting
Photo by Pixabay on

a hand written note found on scene:

“for have I traded honor in for fame
even an ounce
what I thought was binding my life was actually blinding
for have I renounced honor for fame
the adulation
the kiss
the instant opinion on the lips of those who do not know me
the adoration
the adulation
a drug, the addiction
but a tool I might have used
to carve a statue
instead of a tomb.

(and so I leave you, gifted all of a life’s single bounty, cashed in  – with regret, so I leave you early now without that kiss)

notes… I will be tight lipped on this one, there is a lot going on and a lot of inferences (catch them? show me)… but the original thrust was just the crown of fame be that as it may… who among us is better than the highest or the lowest?

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