thoughts… from the porch… (got carpe?)

thoughts… from the porch… (got carpe?)


the clouds seem strangely organized this evening (them over there, actual picture from my perspective, not some thing I pulled off the web as per usual, that’s Edison NJ sky proper right there), anyway, like I said, the sky was… like a peaceful battalion on a march in the same direction, an intersection, to a point, a pincer formation, all aligning, driving, aimed at the horizon falling, rows drawn and lined, movement deliberate by the minute they climb, chasing in slow motion that last nourishing drop of day’s light, as am I, ‘put down the phone’ I chide my own self to pry away, there was a time that bottomless whirlpool crutch never existed, ‘was I bored then?’, I can not remember all the minutia of the occupied minutes of how such time was spent, time, this time, take the time, perhaps ‘carpe diem’ is too big a bite, so seize a moment clutched fruit from a vine, trek from there, that point, a starting line, imagine being one of those clouds, not in a storm, in a picture frame perfect setting such as this now, moving above the troubles and baubles of the world so far below, cruising over the open seas, eyes to soak in all the globe memories, islands – that only tales visit, mountain tops – without the climb, rivers – that crack continents in half, and lakes – that are children of the very seas themselves, and then, even your back, your back brushing up against the very cosmos – and yet, still tethered to this earth, a line of life from your birth to the land, a product of the cycle of all life, floating water boats sailing the sky, so seize the moment, a moment, and become lost in an instant, become the words that create the stories in all that surrounds you, seize the moment.

notes… almost forgot, my Thoughts from the Porch is a thing, well, at least for me, and those who read me (waving furiously hello at you all, thanks), and to those uninitiated, this is an exercise in freeform, what? well, my version of stream of consciousness, I sit out on my porch and  let the flow go, no, not like that, that would get me arrested man, I mean thought flow, letting the world come to me, or the reverse, or the muse uses me as she sees fit…. something like that… but as I like to say, thanks for the looks, the time, the dime, the comments (good or otherwise), and recipes involving really hot chiles

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