the slow pressure of time (a claw not ignored)

the slow pressure of time (a claw not ignored)

brown camel
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sidewalks, walking the dog, literally, no cute metaphor there, I was caught to think of the pyramids and other ancient stone structures around the globe that have survived thousands of years, we kind of take such things for granted in some ways, that they are standing there -still- for almost all of our recorded history (and before if you think of Stonehenge or Carnac), but look around at our modern creations, at the ravages, the destruction, the never ending erosion of time and the tentacles  thereof by design, our ‘advanced’ minds thwarted, walking my dog along the sidewalk in my neighborhood, at one time this was a perfect path, now a twisted path or upended like a funhouse, just some odd 50 years ago (give or take), this was a perfectly laid plan in a perfectly made place, a new suburb measured to the letter to absorb the masses flooding out into the plains (ok, New Jersey) from the city centers, lines, dimes, all perfectly aligned, everything planned out and planted about, until time got a slight hold and caused a quiet riot, under root, slowly challenging the ordered mind that set this all about, really- no contest, time has all the time in the world and more, how many repairs has this little road of 50 houses seen, agents of season quietly (and sometimes not so) banging on the surface with the relent of never ending bending weather, and the tread of the back and forth lives, cars, carving paths along the curves just like old footpaths, subtle cracks in the curbs, become valleys once more disturbed, floods, drought, glaring sun, the bitter grip of cold, how does anything ever get really old and not just broken in this environment?  Well, we have not surely learned… the pyramids remain, but all in this hemisphere is fading…

notes…. got my thrash roots, my metal roots, no apologies, anthrax are local good dudes who made good, and damn they were and are fun… and the piece ? damn, seriously walking the new dog it dawned  on me how flawed the perfect planning of this neighborhood was, so smart we are and nature breaks it in less than a generation…

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